Timmins police are warning the public that counterfeit money is circulating in the city.

Police said in a news release Thursday they are investigating two incidents where fake $20 bills clearly marked with the words “Film Production,” “Film and Video,” and “Not for Legal Tender” printed on them.

"(Individuals using) these bills are counting on store clerks and cashiers to be preoccupied or inattentive in order to successfully pass these false bills," police said in the release.

“Business owners and members of the public are being asked to pay careful attention when completing cash transactions.”

Police said the money could be from movie productions took place in Timmins last winter, but a definite link hasn’t been proven.

To protect yourself, the Bank of Canada has information on detecting fake money at this link: www.bankofcanada.ca/banknotes/counterfeit-prevention/

Anyone with relevant information on this case is asked to call the Timmins police station or report information anonymously through Crime Stoppers.