While a high-school wrestler seen in a viral video may not have won a tournament earlier this month, he’s still being hailed as a winner forfeiting his match to an injured opponent.

Sixteen-year-old wrestler Marek Bush shot to internet fame when a video from a high-school wrestling tournament in New York featuring one of his matches was posted online.

With the match almost over, Bush found him losing 5-0 to competitor Logan Patterson.

But the tables turned suddenly, when Patterson landed awkwardly and injured his arm.

While spectators expected Patterson to forfeit the match, he returned to the mat to face Bush once more.

“I didn’t think he was going to continue to wrestle,” Bush told CTV News Channel, “but when he did I knew what I had to do.”

When the referee blew his whistle, Bush decided to lie down on the mat, giving Patterson the win in the final minute of the match.

Bush says that despite Patterson’s injury, there was never even a moment where he thought of taking advantage of it to win the match.

“I knew I lost, he won the match fair and square,” Bush said. “There was no doubt. He dominated the entire time.”

Following his win, Patterson thanked Bush and gave him a hug and the crowded treated him to a standing ovation.

Bush says he’s not sure of how severe Patterson’s injury is, but has heard that his wrestling season is over.

While Bush is no stranger to winning, having taken the state title last year, he says that it’s important to keep perspective and have empathy.

“You still have to want to win,” Bush said, “but winning isn’t everything.”