Despite a valiant effort on the part of Philadelphia Police to render the city’s lightposts unclimbable with slippery vegetable shortening, a few football fans still managed to scale the poles while celebrating the hometown Eagles’ big win Sunday night.

Photos and video posted on social media late Sunday show a fan standing atop a lightpost overlooking a sea of revellers on Philadelphia’s Broad Street, following the Eagles’ Super Bowl berth-clinching win over the Minnesota Vikings.

It’s exactly what local police feared earlier in the day when they sent out teams to coat the lightposts in Crisco. Several images shared on social media show individuals brushing lightposts down with cans of the slippery substance, prompting many to dub them the “Crisco Cops.”

Police cautioned fans about the slippery poles at the conclusion of the game, tweeting: “We must warn everyone about the dangers of Saturated Fats. Cheers for #Foles! Jeers for #Poles! It’s a long way down, baby. Celebrate responsibly!”

The tweet included a photo of a can of Crisco.

Fans seemed to view police efforts as a challenge more than a deterrent, with many tweeting their intentions to climb the greased-up poles after the game.

Police had also cautioned business owners near the stadium to close up shop and switch on their security cameras during the game, to avoid potential property damage that might occur afterward.