A B.C. Lions player is fielding criticism after the defensive back issued a bone-crushing hit on a streaker over the weekend.

B.C. Lions defensive back Marcell Young delivered the big hit on an incoming streaker during a stoppage in play in the first quarter of Saturday night’s game against the Montreal Alouettes.

The streaker -- who was wearing a Lions jersey but did not have pants or shoes -- can be seen running onto the field toward Young, before he is levelled to the ground and apprehended.

Following the hit, Young celebrated with chest pumps and high fives with his teammates. Members of the opposing Alouettes can be seen smiling and laughing as the situation unfolded.

“Everyone…found it funny that he got hit by a player and then I think some people were like: ‘Is he allowed to do that?’“ Jaden Severy, a spectator at the game, told CTV Vancouver.

Rob Fai, a sportscaster with TSN Radio in Vancouver, is one of those who spoke out against the hit. He said while fans may find it funny, he couldn’t condone the move.

“Say Young’s ‘hit’ causes paralysis or something long term, it’s just not worth it for players to take those measures,” he wrote on Twitter.

Several other fans agreed with Fai, with some arguing players should leave the job to security, while others were calling for Young to be charged with assault.

It appeared security officers weren’t actively trying to catch the man, Severy says, which he says brings up other issues.

“Security took their time to get out there, (so it’s) a bit concerning for player safety,” he said.

But B.C. Place spokesperson Laura Balance defended the actions of security, saying they acted appropriately.

“If they don't have an imminent threat, say something in their hand, the protocol is not to chase them and risk further injury to themselves or other people,” she said.

The streaker was issued a citation for trespassing and has been banned from B.C. Place for a year. Officials said he suffered a cut on his foot from jumping onto the field, but weren’t sure if the hit caused any other injuries.

The team said Young is not facing any discipline for the hit. The Lions went on to win the game 22-10.

With a report from CTV Vancouver’s Breanna Karstens-Smith and with files from The Canadian Press