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There are a number of interesting trials and appeals already lined up for 2012. Here is a sample of what to expect:

1) The Supreme Court of Canada will be hear argument in an appeal in February to decide if doctors require consent before taking patients off life support.

2) Three senior executives of Nortel Networks proceed to trial this week charged with fraud for allegedly tinkering with the company's financial statements to boost the company's profits and draw rich bonuses.

3) Is communicating for the purposes of prostitution a crime in this country?

The Ontario Court of Appeal will release its decision in the coming weeks. An appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada is likely to follow later this year.

4) The Shafia alleged honour killing murder trial will conclude with the jury's verdict in a Kingston courtroom.

5) The murder trial of Michael Rafferty for the alleged abduction and killing of eight-year-old Tori Stafford will begin with jury selection in London at the end of February.

And much more to follow...