Twitter is buzzing over the appropriate number of unread emails to leave in your inbox, pitting obsessive-compulsive types against slackers in an argument that should probably be flagged “low” in priority.

Several users posted screenshots of their ridiculously overstuffed inboxes, in some cases, with unread totals numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

“I have more unopened emails than money in my bank account,” one user wrote.

Others took it a step further, showing off all their alerts from other apps. One user had 156 unread text messages, 8 unread messages on Facebook Messenger and 99,998 unread emails.

“What happens when you hit 100,000 unread emails?” he wrote. “I feel like it should unlock some magical powers or something.”

One woman bucked the trend by posting an image of her completely cleared-out email inbox.

NOTE: In the interest of full disclosure, the author of this story admits to 391,274 unread emails in his work inbox.