A smartpen that scrawls on paper and automatically saves everything you write to your tablet or mobile has taken Kickstarter by storm.

"Neo Smartpen N2" is the same size as a ballpoint pen and appears to be the perfect tool bridging the analogue and digital worlds.

The pen turns on automatically as soon as users start to write, meaning writers and designers who prefer traditional paper methods are provided with a digital copy they can flick through and review later.

"I like the feeling of paper in my hands, and I like my digital devices too," says Dr Eddie Lee, Co-founder of NeoLab Convergence Inc, the brand behind the concept.

At less than 16 cm long and weighing just 24 grams, the chargeable N2 has a battery life of 12 hours and comes in silver and black.

The pen is currently listed on crowdfunding website Kickstarter and has reached over nine times its original funding target. The pen can be purchased from AUS$112 (approximately $99 US).