Almost as soon as he arrived there five days before Christmas, Chris Hadfield started tweeting what he sees outside the windows of the International Space Station -- and what his daily routine has been like.

It's the most personal connection we've ever had to one of our astronauts, and in just over a few weeks his Twitter following around the world has exploded.

He's been tweeting some dramatic photos of Earth from the ISS - and specifically, Canada.

Through the Canadian Space Agency, we emailed a few questions to Hadfield on behalf of CTV Question Period, and here's what he sent us this weekend:

Q: Why tweet the mission?

A: Because this is too good and wondrous an experience not to share. Twitter lets everyone see and experience it as I am, real-time. Great to have so many people aboard! The response is a clear indication of how people actually feel about exploration and opportunity, when the barriers of jargon and delay are removed."

Q: Would you consider a video Google Hangout with us someday?

A: Sure, though you can't hang in space. Everything floats!

Q: How are you doing up there?

A: It takes several days for the human body to adapt to as bizarre a new condition as weightlessness, with nausea, change in digestion, fluid shift from legs to head causing congestion and facial swelling, and the complete change of balance vs vision. But I'm through that - I'm a Spaceling now.


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