TORONTO -- For those in the Greater Toronto Area desperate for something to do this week, it might be time to dust off the telescope.

According to NASA’s SkyWatch website, the International Space Station will be viewable in the night sky this week as it flies between the area and the moon.

NASA’s data shows the ISS is scheduled to fly directly over downtown Toronto every night this week, with two passes on Thursday and Saturday. The space station will also be viewable in Toronto on Monday and Wednesday next week.

The areas surrounding Toronto, such as Pickering, Brampton and Burlington will also be able to view the station, although not as frequently and at slightly different times of night.  

NASA said the station will look like an airplane moving across the sky, except it doesn’t have flashing lights and will be moving considerably faster than an aircraft.

Stargazers will have to be ready, however, as the space station is only expected to be viewable for a couple of minutes each night.

For a list of exactly when the ISS will be visible, click here.