Still hurting from the loss of "Flappy Bird"? Fear not, there are a number of ways you can still play the hugely popular and addictive game – or at least a close imitation of it.

Days after the mobile game was pulled from the App Store and Google Play store by its creator, Dong Nguyen, a number of websites have sprung up allowing eager gamers to play a version of it on their computers, smartphones or tablets.

Imitation versions of "Flappy Bird" cane be found at the following websites:, and (Disclaimer: has not vetted the security of these sites.)

As well, there are several games available to download in the App Store and Google Play Store which closely resemble "Flappy Bird," including "Splashy Fish," "Flappy Bee" and "Clumsy Bird." There's even a "Flappy Doge" game, featuring a flying version of the Internet's most famous dog.

All the substitutes are based on the same basic idea that made the original so popular. In "Flappy Bird," the player used a tapping finger motion to successfully navigate a yellow bird through a series of pipe-openings. And like their predecessor, the imitations are very difficult to navigate -- with the bird instantly dying and dropping to the ground with the slightest brush against a pipe.

Technology and security experts are warning gamers to be aware of a number of fake "Flappy Bird" apps that are spreading online since the original was pulled.

According to Internet security company Trend Micro, these apps, which are reported to be spreading in Russia and Vietnam, send text messages from the users' phone, resulting in unwanted charges.

Meanwhile, questions remain over why the "Flappy Bird" creator yanked his game from stores at the height of its success; it had been downloaded more than 50 million times on the App Store alone.

Nguyen, who lives in Vietnam, announced on Twitter Saturday his intention to take down the game, stating that its popularity was ruining his "simple life."

He said, however, that he will still continue to make games.