The Toronto Zoo’s three-week-old rhino calf will make his public debut starting on Saturday – just in time for March Break.

Ashakiran, an 11-year-old Indian Rhino, gave birth to the yet-to-be-named rhino last month.

The calf was presented to reporters on Wednesday, ahead of his public debut.

Weighing 140 lbs. at birth, the baby rhino is now 200 lbs. and is still only nursing from mom. The zoo says he takes naps and likes showers and water.

Baby rhino

“Keepers have noted that he really likes to play with mom and follows her everywhere she goes, often trotting after her when there is a distance between the two of them,” the zoo said.

He will eventually grow a horn, and could weigh as much as 4,000 lbs.

Although the calf appears healthy and is feeding well, zoo officials say this is still a critical time for him, and staff continue to monitor him and mom closely.

The rhino species is no longer endangered, but has been upgraded to “vulnerable.”

Ashakiran gave birth to a stillborn calf in 2011.

Baby rhino