Ashlynd Howell will do anything to catch 'em all – even if it means stealing an unconscious woman's fingerprint to buy Pokemon online.

The six-year-old girl used her sleeping mother's thumb to unlock a smartphone earlier this month, so she could buy $250 worth of Pokemon through Amazon.

Bethany Howell says she'd fallen asleep on the couch after a busy day, and had no idea that her child made the purchases until her husband came home from work.

"He mentioned to me that he had received 13 order confirmations from Amazon," Bethany Howell told CTV News Channel on Thursday.

"I had not ordered anything, and he told me that he obviously had not ordered anything, and the only other culprit was her," Howell said.

She says she often lets her daughter play games or watch movies on her phone, but this was the first time the girl ever logged into Amazon and made a purchase.

"She took my thumb and used my phone," Howell said.

Most of the toys were "intercepted by Santa" and wound up under the tree at Christmas, Bethany Howell said. However, the Howells did manage to send a few back for refunds.

Ashlynd Howell said she wasn't happy about the returns.

"(Not) the water one!" she said during the interview. "No!"

The girl, who was restless throughout the FaceTime interview, ended the segment by approaching the camera with one of her ill-gotten Pokemon in hand. Ashlynd stared into the camera, stone-faced, with Pikachu beside her. She didn't say anything because she didn't need to.

She got what she wanted. And she regrets nothing.