It’s a once in a lifetime shot: A bald eagle reflected in perfect symmetry as it dives over a pond.

And it’s getting Canadian photographer Steve Biro a lot of attention online.

Biro caught the picture during a trip to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Vittoria, Ont. on May 4, but it wasn’t until this past week that the image took the internet by storm.

The photo quickly went viral, with people around the world sharing Biro’s image.

“It became quite overwhelming, to be honest, but it’s a lot of fun too,” Biro said Thursday on CTV News Channel. “It’s quite a wild ride.”

An amateur photographer for about 10 years, this year’s trip to the Conservancy wasn’t Biro’s first, but it was the first time he managed to get the perfect shot he was after.

“I had in mind the type of shot I wanted to get,” Biro said. “I knew it would be tough.”

Getting right up to the water’s edge, Biro waited on the ground with camera in hand, staking out the perfect shot.

As the eagle swooped over the pond, Biro took a “few hundred” photos and tried to ignore the predatory bird’s glare

“I could tell he was annoyed with me being so close to the edge of the pond,” Biro said. “That seemed to be his territory.”

Biro says he knew that the bird would be close, but started to get a little nervous about how eagle was getting so close he could feel the breeze coming off his wings

“I did tell the people behind me if he landed on my head, ‘Somebody please get the shot,’” Biro joked.

Capturing dive after dive, Biro managed to snag his perfect shot – with the eagle staring him down, its wings perfectly symmetrical in the water below him.

While he knew right away it was a great shot, Biro says he was surprised by just how much people took to it.

“I thought people would like it,” Biro said. “[But] I didn’t expect quite the event that happened, to be quite honest.”