ST. JOHN'S, N.L. - Justin Trudeau has wrapped up a cabinet retreat on the defensive over a number of issues that are likely to plague his government when Parliament resumes next week.

The prime minister was peppered with questions about the cost of his controversial Bahamas vacation last Christmas, which is under investigation by the federal ethics commissioner.

He also faced questions on the government's vow to legalize recreational marijuana by next summer, despite warnings from police forces and some provinces that they can't be ready that quickly.

He was repeatedly asked why his government has yet to decide where to send Canadian peacekeepers, despite announcing a year ago that it would make up to 600 troops available for United Nations missions.

Trudeau suggests the timetable for legalizing pot is firm but says the government won't be rushed into choosing a peacekeeping mission.

He was also forced to defend his government's plan to end what it calls unfair tax advantages for some wealthy small business owners -- an issue that has sparked a backlash among doctors, lawyers, tax professionals, shopkeepers and others who've incorporated their small businesses in order to reduce their income tax bill.