TORONTO – Justin Trudeau remained prime minister after a 40-day campaign, making international headlines following the results of Canada's "coin toss election," while receiving praise from U.S. President Donald Trump.

Trudeau managed to hold power by winning a minority government on Monday evening, despite tumultuous election campaign marred by racist photos of the Liberal leader wearing black and brownface several years ago.

Despite the scandal, the 47-year-old managed to defeat Conservative rival Andrew Scheer, but will have to lean on support from other parties to pass legislation. Scheer was dogged throughout the campaign by questions about his personal beliefs about abortion and same-sex marriage and repeatedly insisted that he would not reopen debate on either issue should he become prime minister.

As results were being finalized, Canada's election made news outside the borders. Here's a look.

U.S. President Donald Trump congratulated Trudeau on a "wonderful and hard fought victory."

"Congratulations to @JustinTrudeau on a wonderful and hard fought victory. Canada is well served. I look forward to working with you toward the betterment of both of our countries!" Trump tweeted.

Fox News splashed a headline across its website, saying "Trudeau expected to win a second term in Canada's parliamentary elections."

Fox News headline on Canada's election.

The New York Times featured Canada's election on the homepage of the newspaper's website. "Canada's Trudeau projected to win second term, overcoming doubts about his character," the headline reads.

The New York Times on Canada's election.

"Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Headed to Election Win" reads a headline in The Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal on Canada's election.

CNN live-blogged election night. "Justin Trudeau faces reelection," reads a headline.

CNN live-blogged Canada's election night.

Political blog The Hill also featured the election results on its homepage, running the headline "Trudeau to serve another term as prime minister after Liberals win plurality."

Political blog The Hill also featured the election

Overseas, both British newspapers The Guardian and The Independent live-blogged the election results.

"Polls show Trudeau keeping power in 'coin toss' election against Scheer," reads The Independent's headline.

The Independent on Canada's election.

"Justin Trudeau looks set to hold on to power after tight election race," The Guardian's headline reads.

The Guardian on Canada's election.

British tabloid the Daily Mail made mention of the racist photos that were made public early in Trudeau's campaign.

"Justin Trudeau is projected to WIN a second term as Canada's Prime Minister despite blackface controversy after Liberals take an early lead," reads the headline.

British tabloid the Daily Mail on Canada's electio

Australia's Sydney Morning Herald acknowledged the election with the headline: "Justin Trudeau wins second term as Canadian prime minister."

Sydney Morning Herald election

The British broadcaster BBC also featured election results on its website. "Canada election: Trudeau's Liberals win but lose majority," reads the homepage headline.

BBC on Canada's election results.

Russian television network RT's headline commented on Trudeau breaking the unwritten rule of letting losing party leaders address supporters before his victory speech.

"Losing majority with hysterical dignity? Trudeau’s ‘victory speech’ turns into scandal, as he jumps on stage interrupting rival," the headline reads.

Russian television network RT on Canada's election

It's customary for the election winner to wait to address party supporters after concession speeches are completed. However, as Scheer began to deliver his remarks in Regina, Trudeau took to the stage and began his own speech in Montreal.

--with a file from The Canadian Press