Conservative leadership candidate Steven Blaney came under fire Sunday for referring to Canadian-born rival Michael Chong as a "model of integration," during an appearance on CTV's Question Period.

The comment came during a discussion of Blaney's plan to tighten immigration rules, if he comes to lead a Conservative government in the future. Question Period host Evan Solomon pressed Blaney on the issue, pointing out that Blaney's rivals, including Michael Chong and Deepak Obhrai, have suggested he's on the wrong track.

"To me, you know, Deepak Obhrai and Michael Chong are models of integration," Blaney said, adding: "Multiculturalism is about welcoming Canadians from all around the world, no matter what is their beliefs or where they come from."

Obhrai was born in Tanzania, but Chong hails from the city of Windsor, Ont., where he was born to Dutch and Chinese immigrant parents.

"First of all, Michael Chong of course was born in Canada, so I don't know if he integrated," Solomon pointed out during the interview.

Blaney did not acknowledge the mistake about Chong in his response.

Nevertheless, his comment touched off a wave of anger on Twitter.

Although Chong was born in Canada, his official website describes his life as "a story of immigration, a story of perseverance and, ultimately, a story of hope and opportunity."

Deepak Obhrai, whom Blaney also mentioned, was born in Tanzania and spent time in India and the United Kingdom, before he came to Canada.