A note left behind after a break-in at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s home on Saturday warned the politician’s family to lock its doors, a police source has confirmed to CTV News.

The threatening note was found near the back door of Trudeau’s rented Ottawa home Saturday morning, along with a pile of items that included knives from the kitchen, the source said. The note allegedly said the items could have been stolen but weren’t, so the family should lock their doors in the future.

The break-in happened while Trudeau’s wife and three young children were asleep in the home. The Liberal leader was in Winnipeg at the time.

Trudeau said Sunday that the break-in has him re-evaluating the amount of time he spends away from his young family.

Trudeau, who is third-party leader in the House of Commons, said he and his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, have had “very serious discussions” about the travel demands of his job leading up to the 2015 election.

"There's no question that Sophie and I have had some very serious conversations over the past 24 hours ... about this path we're undertaking together and the amount of, I don't know, I guess exposure that comes with it,” Trudeau said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

"We're in a good head space but it certainly is serving as a bit of a wake-up call for us or at least a highlighting of some of the real challenges that we face."

Trudeau’s said his family left Ottawa to join him in Montreal, where Trudeau attended the city’s Pride parade.

Unlike at the residences of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair, Trudeau does not have a dedicated security detail at his rented home in Ottawa’s upscale Rockcliffe Park neighbourhood.

Trudeau told The Canadian Press that of all the sacrifices political families must make, security should not be one of them.

Police and the RCMP are still investigating the break-in, after they were called to Trudeau’s home Saturday morning.

In a statement released Sunday, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney acknowledged the break-in and said the matter is being dealt with by law enforcement authorities.

“A violation of the sanctity of one’s home is an experience which no Canadian family should have to face,” Blaney said.

A locksmith reportedly visited the Trudeau home on Saturday.