The Star Trek actor who helped give pointy ears their cult status beamed down to the Alberta town of Vulcan today.

Leonard Nimoy's pilgrimage to Vulcan comes as the 79-year-old actor announced he will be hanging up his Mr. Spock ears for good, retiring from the role that made him famous.

"I will not be doing any more directing or acting in films or television," Nimoy told The Canadian Press. "I have so many other things to do."

When Nimoy touched down in Vulcan, a small town about 130 kilometres south of Calgary, this afternoon, he was greeted by about 2,000 people from the town and the surrounding areas, CTV's Janet Dirks reported.

Nimoy addressed the town's residents and met the mayor -- who was decked out in a red and black Star Trek jacket and pointy ears for the occasion.

He was also expected to be honoured in a parade and given the keys to the town, and help unveil a bronze bust of Mr. Spock. Nimoy left behind a handprint, giving the famous Vulcan peace sign, that will be cast in bronze and placed below the bust.

Dirks said Nimoy thanked the townspeople and apologized for not visiting the town sooner.

Vulcan mayor Tom Grant told CTV News Channel the townspeople gave Nimoy "the good old Vulcan welcome."

"He's such an awesome man," Grant, in full Vulcan costume, said Friday night. "Down to earth, just a great gentleman, a great ambassador."

Nimoy said he has always been grateful for the role that afforded him the unusual ability to never have to worry about how he would provide for his family as an actor.

"All I wanted to do when I chose to be an actor was to be able to simply support myself and a family, and we've gone obviously far beyond that," he said. "I've never regretted taking on the role of Mr. Spock. I'm very proud to be identified with the character."

Nimoy played the cerebral, emotionally cool science officer to William Shatner's Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek series that first aired in 1966.

Nimoy says that he will continue to make a few more Spock appearances at Star Trek exhibitions but will no longer act. He last reprised the role of Mr. Spock in last summer's blockbuster film, "Star Trek." Instead, he plans to pursue his other interests, including photography.

Nimoy also told CTV Calgary that William Shatner should be chosen as the next Canadian governor general, referring to a Facebook campaign to have Star Trek's Captain Kirk named to the role.

"I have not only heard about it, I think it's a wonderful thing, because Bill desperately needs something to do," Nimoy joked. "I hope he gets the job, and I'm advising him to take it, so he can do something useful with his life."

Vulcan was named 100 years ago for the Roman god of fire. But since it shares its name with the home planet of Mr. Spock, it has fashioned itself into a tourist town for Star Trek fans.

With files from The Canadian Press