A French woman and her father spent several hours in jail after not scanning the lids of some plastic containers at Ikea.

Twitter user Emilie (@thepeacefulriot) recounted the story of her arrest at an Ikea in France in a series of now-viral tweets. Emilie and her father went to the furniture store on Oct. 1, she tweeted, to buy some containers. But when she was paying for her purchases, she didn’t notice the lids and containers were sold separately.

When the pair tried to leave, Emilie says a security guard pulled them aside and told them to pay for the lids, which they agreed to do. Things quickly escalated, however, when a manager arrived, called them a “gang of thieves,” and called police.

Once police arrived, Emilie and her father were arrested and taken to jail.

“I start to have tears in my eyes,” Emilie tweeted in French. “On the one hand my father says to me: ‘But it's nothing they will quickly see that we did nothing,’ on the other the policeman tells me ‘if you didn’t do anything wrong, you wouldn’t go to jail.’”

Emilie says she and her father were put into separate cells while they tried to tell police it was a misunderstanding. After several hours, one of the officers contacted a judge who agreed to let them go.

“We had to pay an Uber to return to Ikea to look for the car,” she wrote.

Ikea France has since apologized for the incident.

“We always prefer dialogue and sincerely regret this situation,” the company wrote in a tweet. “We are committed to withdrawing our complaint and we apologize.”