A Nova Scotia woman is hoping to make Father’s Day extra special this year by fulfilling her terminally ill father’s dream of attending a Toronto Blue Jays game.

Glen McGean, 64, was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago. The cancer has since spread and McGean recently stopped treatment.

“A few days ago, I started having bad headaches,” the former coal miner told CTV Atlantic. “It was so bad I couldn’t even go to the hospital and they sent a doctor over.”

McGean says he’s been a fan of the Jays ever since the era when they signed Joe Carter and won the 1992 World Series, so he was overwhelmed when he heard about what his daughter was planning.

Natasha McGean, 24, can’t afford to help her father fly to Toronto to see a game, so she launched an online fundraiser on GoFundMe.com in the hopes of raising $5,000 from friends and strangers for the trip.

Support has been pouring in. A signed baseball and a picture from former Jays slugger Kelly Gruber has been donated. As of Sunday the goal had been surpassed by $790.

Natasha says she can’t think of anyone who is more deserving. She lost her mother to cancer 10 years ago, leaving her dad to raise her alone.

“He’s always put me before himself,” she told CTV Atlantic. “He’s always made sure my wishes and dreams came true.”