Canadian mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre says he's "still emotional" about the cancellation of his UFC comeback fight against Michael Bisping, though he's still set on a return.

The two-time former champion says he has "no idea" what will happen next, now that his fight has been nixed. St-Pierre was originally supposed to take a shot at claiming Bisping's middleweight title, but UFC President Dana White cancelled the fight because St-Pierre couldn’t be ready for the summer.

"I wanted to fight Michael Bisping, and I know Michael Bisping wanted to fight me," St-Pierre told on Thursday in Toronto.

White cancelled the showdown on Wednesday, saying the middleweight division can't wait on St-Pierre's schedule. White had previously hinted at a July fight, while St-Pierre said he wouldn't be ready until November.

St-Pierre and Bisping appeared together at a promotional press conference in March, but no official date had been set.

"They say they can’t wait for me, but they knew before that I can’t fight in the summer," St-Pierre said.

St-Pierre explained that his sponsorship deals are an important part of being an athlete, because they help him make a living.

"We're entertainers - we have a lot of commitments," St-Pierre said. "It’s important for us to have support from sponsors because we live through that."

St-Pierre was in Toronto to promote Bud Light Living Rooms, a summer-long promotion offering fans a chance to book party rooms with celebs like "GSP" and others.

"That's part of our living... When you sign for something, you honour it," St-Pierre said.

As for the UFC, St-Pierre says he still holds out hope that the fight will happen.

"I’m better than I was," he said. "I would not have come back if I would have been the same, because the sport has improved."

St-Pierre currently holds a 25-2 record in mixed martial arts, and a 19-2 record in the UFC.

St-Pierre recently inked a four-fight deal with the UFC. The 35-year-old is aiming to fight at the middleweight level, a division up from the welterweight class at which he dominated for several years. St-Pierre walked away from the welterweight title in late 2013, and hasn’t fought since.

St-Pierre acknowledged that he’s putting his legacy on the line with a comeback, and he doesn’t want to simply become a "punching bag" for up-and-comers. "If I come back, it’s to win," he said, adding: "If it’s not a win, this is it. I’m done."