By opening the Google Lens and pointing your smartphone's camera at a painting in San Francisco's de Young museum, you'll be automatically offered more information about the piece -- like the story behind the subject and the history of the artist.

On Tuesday, the de Young's director of digital strategy Tricia Robson announced that a collaboration between the museum and Google Arts & Culture has officially rolled out, bringing visitors an easy way to access information about the collection of art.

Using their smartphone with Google Lens enabled, museum goers can simply point their cameras to a painting, sculpture, or piece of decorative art to gain access to information about whatever they're looking at right on their personal device.In the window that pops up after Google recognizes the art piece, you'll find some insight about the artist, what mediums were used, and a brief history of the piece itself.

Additionally, Robson explains that this collaboration allows artists to share their own ideas about particular pieces or collections. In fact, within Lens via a series of short videos, artist Ana Prvački, "takes you on a tour of the museum, guiding you to specific sports and asking you to rethink parts of the museum visitors many not normally consider."

The de Young Google Lens feature is live as of Tuesday.