Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum, where he is meeting with other world leaders to discuss Canadian interests.

The annual forum turns the ski town into a hub of the top tiers of the international business community. In response, the local economy has responded accordingly.

Trudeau’s Principal Secretary Gerald Butts posted a few photos to Instagram of the scenery in Davos, including the view from from the Ameron hotel: deep snow and the Swiss alps.

Gerald Butts Instagram post

Gerald Butts instagram post

CTV News confirmed that the Ameron hotel is where Trudeau and some members of his team are staying.

A group of Canadian reporters on the ground travelled there and looked into the place and its restaurant menu.

The special menu for the WEF 2018 at the hotel restaurant "Cantinetta" includes a hamburger that costs just over $70 Canadian. On it: barbecue sauce, cheese, tomato, cucumber, crispy bacon and comes with French fries.

Menu from restaurant at the Ameron Swiss Mountain

A plate of antipasti would put you out $30.

The four-star hotel also boasts the “biggest chocolate fountain in Davos,” a spa, and a gin and cigar tasting.

According to the Ameron website, rooms are sold out through the week.

CPC MP’s ham sandwich

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel is also in Davos, paying her own way.

On Tuesday she tweeted a photo of her affordable meal solution: making her own lunch with gas station deli options.

“Met some very smart people today, and learned a lot. But highlight of my day: keeping it real at Davos with my gas station bought homemade ham sammich. Only downside were the crumbs on my suit for meetings,” she said.