OTTAWA -- Environmental groups and labour organizations are pleading with the federal government to end a political stalemate over its forthcoming sustainable jobs bill.

The legislation is supposed to help protect and usher in new jobs in the energy industry as Canada tries to maintain its place in the clean energy transition.

The bill has been controversial: the Alberta government and federal Conservatives say it is designed to put traditional energy industries out of business.

The bill was caught up in political games before Christmas as the Opposition tried to slow its passage by proposing thousands of amendments.

The governing Liberals have yet to bring the bill back up for debate, accusing the Conservatives of political stunts.

A dozen labour and environment groups have written to the government to call for an end to the impasse, arguing the legislation will be critical to ensure workers get a voice in the looming economic transition.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. 26, 2024.