Conservative MP Ed Fast said it was becoming “untenable” to do his job as finance critic within the Conservative Party of Canada, which is why he asked to be relieved of his duties.

In an interview on CTV News Channel’s Power Play on Thursday, Fast said the very issues he is required to speak to in the position, such as monetary and fiscal policy, were topics “one of the leadership candidates” felt he shouldn’t be commenting on because it could conflict with their campaign policy positions.

“I was at a point where not only could I not do my work at committee, the way I needed to, I also couldn’t speak publicly, as frankly as I probably should,” he said.

Fast, a B.C. MP, is co-chairing former Quebec premier Jean Charest’ leadership campaign.

On Wednesday evening, interim party leader Candice Bergen issued a statement noting that Fast would be "stepping away from his duties” as finance critic.

Later in the interview, Fast spoke out against leadership contender Pierre Poilievre’s attacks of the Bank of Canada.

“We are now seeing political interference or attempt at political interference in our central bank, which is supposed to be free from that interference. It’s supposed to be independent,” he said.

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With a file from The Canadian Press.