Two couples will backpack across the country this summer using all the latest hiking, climbing and canoeing gear from Woods Canada – and they'll be getting paid to do it.

Woods Canada announced on Tuesday it has selected two couples for a cross-country excursion this summer to test and promote its equipment as part of the "Ultimate Dream Job."

The couples -- from Calgary and Whistler, B.C. -- will spend five months visiting 14 locations along the Trans Canada Trail as they hike from B.C. to Prince Edward Island.

Thirty-year-olds Melba Seto and Adam Kochanek, from Calgary, and 28-year-olds Cedric Schell and Magee Walker, from Whistler, won the "dream job" through an interview process with Woods Canada.

Seto is a dental hygienist, Kochanek is an electrician and firefighter, Schell is a paramedic and firefighter and Walker is a freelance writer. All four have extensive experience with outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, snowboarding and kayaking.

Woods Canada says it originally planned to send one couple on the trek, but organizers were "so impressed" by the applicants that they selected two couples instead.

"We can't wait to follow these two couples on their adventures across the country," James Prescott, associate vice-president of Woods Canada, said in a news release.

The two couples will share stories, video and photos from their journey on blogs and social media using the hashtag #WoodsExplorer.

Their route will follow the incomplete Trans Canada Trail, a coast-to-coast hiking network that will span 17,000 kilometres once it is fully connected. The trail is expected to be finished in time for Canada's 150th anniversary in 2017.

TCT president and CEO Deborah Apps said she is "delighted" to have the two couples making their journey on her organization's trail.

"We hope their stories, blogs and photos will inspire others to learn more about their nation's trail and support us in our goal to fully connect it by 2017," Apps said in a statement.