Here's a list of items Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency recalled this week, including bicycle pedals, contaminated cantaloupes and an anti-wrinkle cream.


Health Canada issued a recall Friday for Marcelle 40+ Anti-Wrinkle creams due to microbial contamination.

The company, Groupe Marcelle Inc., said analysis results showed the creams do not meet microbial standards and traces of mould form over time.

The creams are sold in a labelled glass cylinder jar and packaged in a cardboard box.

They range in volume from 50 to 75 millilitres and are identified by their Universal Product Codes: 056599633334 and 056599600053.

As of November 23, the company has received five reports of incidents in Canada with no injury reports.

The company said nearly 11,000 contaminated jars were sold in Canada between July and November 2023.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a recall Thursday for mixed melon chunks that have been contaminated with Salmonella.

The fruits come in 199-gram packs marked by the Universal Product Code 421401021799.

According to the recall, all best-before dates up to and including December 6 are contaminated.

CFIA said the melon chunks should be thrown out, and if you become sick after eating them, contact your health provider.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency issued a recall Thursday for Frankly Fresh Salads and Fresh St. Market cantaloupes due to possible Salmonella contamination.

The CFIA listed multiple affected products, ranging from cantaloupe chunks to fruit platters.

Salmonella-contaminated food may not look or smell spoiled but can cause severe sickness in some cases, the food inspection agency said.

Customers should throw out the cantaloupes if they have them and contact their health provider if they get sick from eating the fruit, the recall said

One person has died from an ongoing salmonella outbreak in five provinces, the Public Health Agency of Canada reported last week.

There have been 63 confirmed cases linked to the outbreak and 17 people hospitalized, the agency said.

The agency issued food recall warnings three times in November for Malichita cantaloupes sold between October 11 and November 14.

On November 24, it updated its warning to include Rudy brand cantaloupes sold between October 10 and November 24.


Health Canada issued a recall Thursday for Supacaz Brand Orbitron bicycle pedals due to a fall hazard.

The pedal body may detach from the pedal spindle, or the pedal spindle may break, causing a fall, according to the recall.

The bike pedals are described as "CNC Alloy flat pedals in oilslick multicolour," and its SKU 09122-3300 can be found at the back of the package.

The company, Specialized Bicycle Components Canada, has received one report of the pedal detaching from the spindle in Canada, but no reports of injuries as of November 28.

One-hundred-seventy-four pedals were sold in Canada between October 2021 and September 2023, the company said.

Health Canada urges consumers to stop using the pedals and contact the company for a full refund.

With files from The Canadian Press