Audrina 28 birth control pills are being recalled due to labelling issues that can lead to dosage confusion, according to Health Canada.

The health department said the day-of-the-week stickers are misprinted, listing Tuesday instead of Thursday.

The recall impacts certain lots of the pills with a drug identification number of 02532182. The expiry date is noted as March 2025.

Health Canada suggests that consumers can independently track or correct the error by writing the proper day on the sticker and taking additional measures like setting a daily alarm as a reminder.

Consumers can also go to their pharmacy to request a replacement for day-of-the-week stickers at no cost, the recall said.

Jamp Pharma Corp. will distribute corrected stickers to Canadian pharmacies in the coming weeks.

Consumers also have the option to contact Jamp Pharma Corp. to request a replacement at 1-866-399-9091.

The misprinted day may increase the risk of missing a dose, which could lead to pregnancy or taking too many pills and increase the risk of nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, spotting or bleeding, Health Canada warned.

"This issue does not affect the safety or quality of the pills themselves. You should continue to take your medication as prescribed," Health Canada said.

Audrina 28 is a prescription drug used to prevent pregnancy and treat moderate acne in those menstruating aged 14 and up.