The face of a popular trivia quiz app has left for a new “dream opportunity” on a baseball show.

Scott Rogowsky, who fronted HQ Trivia, has taken a job hosting a new Major League Baseball round-up called Change Up on the streaming service Dazn.

“It was a dream opportunity that I simply couldn’t pass up,” Rogowsky tweeted Friday.

“Sadly, it won’t be possible for me to continue hosting HQ concurrently as I had hoped,” he added.

“Nothing made be prouder than watching the viewer count grow from two digits to two commas,” Rogowsky went on.

HQ Trivia was launched in August 2017 and has been downloaded more than five million times in the Google Play store.

Former guest presenter Matt Richards is now the regular primetime host on HQ Trivia, where players can participate at no cost in daily trivia games with monetary prizes.