The Better Business Bureau (BBB) says it receives tens of thousands of complaints from consumers across Canada each year, but once in a while a "quirky" one will take them by surprise.

"On rare occasions, we do receive complaints that make us do a double take," BBB Media and Communications Specialist Aaron Guillen said in a news release. "No matter what, our BBB team is devoted to going through every complaint, review, and scam report that is submitted to ensure its authenticity. It’s important to tell your good and bad experiences with businesses to BBB."

Despite the number of unusual complaints it receives, the BBB still asks consumers to file their complaints online or by email. 

Here are the top four unusual complaints BBB received in 2022:

1. A consumer wanted a refund from a bar after he offered to buy a round of drinks for a group of women and they took the drinks and didn't engage in conversation with him.

2. A consumer wanted a refund from a business after a bath bar they received for Christmas wasn't as foamy or bubbly as they'd hoped it be.

3. A consumer complained about his oil technician because he smelled 'like a dead cat in an alleyway' and looked like Marv, the tall bandit from the Home Alone movie.

4. A consumer wanted a refund after not receiving enough seasoning fillings in their ramen noodle package that they bought.


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