A non-profit group in New Brunswick is embarking on a project to restore the beach at Katy's Cove, a summer hot spot that was once a popular retreat for the rich and famous, but has now fallen into disrepair.

Katy's Cove was initially built in 1907 to entertain the often wealthy guests staying at the nearby Algonquin Resort in the town of Saint Andrews.

While the historic hotel has since been restored and there remains a world class golf course on site, locals say the same care has not been extended to the beach area.

"In the past [Katy’s Cove] was a real focal point and it was the centre of the community, and gradually over time it's been deteriorating," said Guy Groulx, president of community group Katy's Cove Inc.

The group has signed a 10-year lease with the Algonquin Resort and has launched a GoFundMe campaign in an effort to restore the beach to its former glory.

"A lot of us who grew up in the area remember coming here when there was a daycare, there were loungers on the beach, and we're hoping to bring it back to that kind of place," said Vicki Hogarth, community organizer at Katy's Cove Inc.

Once a summer oasis, Katy's Cove was owned by the Algonquin Resort and managed by the town, but when the hotel was sold the town stopped allocating funding in anticipation public access would be restricted.

Since then, its shores have not been properly cared for, resulting in poor water quality, worn-down docks and no lifeguards or food concessions.

"[We want] to bring back change rooms, to bring back high quality washroom facilities, to bring back cabanas for the beach," said Hogarth.

The original beach was a playground for families of captains of industry, but the group hopes that the restored Katy's Cove will be a gathering place for locals and tourists of all means.

The group's first steps in the restoration plan include a shore cleanup