A strange smell, which led the owner of a restaurant in Calgary to offer a prize to anyone who could sleuth out its source, has been identified.

The Dairy Queen on 14 Street Northeast had been dealing with the odour since it opened in 2015, according to owner Sujad Bandali.

Recently, Bandali decided to offer 52 free Blizzard treats to anyone who could figure out what was causing the smell.

That offer generated significant publicity and a large number of suggestions on how Bandali might be able to figure out what was going on.

The shop was flooded with tips from across Canada and the U.S., and from places as far away as Egypt, since making their appeal.

A store employee says the smell was determined to be the result of a persistent gas leak in the ceiling, which was discovered and repaired by ATCO on Wednesday.

As promised, the team were offered free Blizzards for a year, which they declined. Instead, the money is to be donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.