The Ontario SPCA is looking for families who can provide homes to 100 Muscovy-type ducks.

The ducks, which are typically bred for their meat, are currently at a farm rescue in Mulmur, which is about 50 kilometres southwest of Barrie.

The OSPCA’s Kallie Milleman says the birds can only be adopted in small groups to families who can provide the right kind of shelter and intend to keep them as pets.

“We are looking for candidates who have a little bit of experience perhaps with birds or ducks and have done their research and are ready to bring ducks into their lives,” Milleman told CTV Barrie.

Animal lover Miami Julien says that ducks can make good pets but people need to know what they’re getting themselves into.

“Ducks have just as much personality as cats do, so if you’re adopting a duck, you better be ready for that attitude ducks come with,” she said.