When was the last time a stranger made your day?

For Perle Morency, a restaurateur whose SUV was stolen in Montreal earlier this month, it was an eagle-eyed social media user who tracked it down – something she credited to the strength of her community of food-service workers.

“They show love for each other and want to help each other,” Morency told CTV News Montreal.

recent survey revealed 76 per cent of Canadians feel compelled to help when they seem someone struggling, but 60 per cent say they aren’t even sure how to be compassionate. A random act of kindness – big or small – can really turn a bad day around.

In April, a group of young men gifted Carla Norris-Hutcheson, attending a Toronto Blue Jays game alone, a blue George Springer jersey after hearing about her ailing husband and his difficult time at Toronto General Hospital. The star player even tracked down Hutcheson’s husband, offering to sign the jersey.

“I just started crying,” Hutcheson told CTV News Toronto in April. “It really touched me that they did that for us. I told my husband what happened and he felt just so blessed.”

Whether it’s someone who paid for your coffee in the line ahead of you or checked in when it seemed like you were down, we want to know your kind stranger story.

What did they do for you and how did they impact your life for the better? Are you still in touch with that stranger today?

Share your story by emailing us at dotcom@bellmedia.ca with your name, general location and phone number in case we want to follow up. Your comments may be used in a CTVNews.ca story.

With files from CTV News Atlantic, Montreal and Toronto.