There are now at least two people named Justin Trudeau in Canada, after a refugee couple living in Calgary gave the name to their newborn baby.

Afraa and Moe Bilal welcomed a baby boy, Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal, on Thursday around 6:10 p.m. weighing seven pounds, seven ounces.

The Bilals decided to not only name the baby Justin, but give him the first name of Justin-Trudeau, in honour of the prime minister for working to bring Syrian refugees to Canada.

According to Afraa, children are normally named after their grandparents in Syria but the couple wanted a different Canadian name for the baby boy born in the country that accepted them.

“We are very thankful to this person because he brings lots of Syrians, a lot of refugees (to Canada),” Afraa told CTV Calgary.

The Bilals were part of the more than 33,000 refugees who fled Syria and were resettled in Canada. They arrived in Calgary in February of 2016 with their two children.

“We really like Canada. It’s a really nice country,” said Afraa. “We have to say thank you Canada and to all the Canadian people.”

With files from CTV Calgary