Two capybaras who became celebrities last summer in Toronto when they went on the lam for weeks are now proud parents.

High Park Zoo in Toronto’s west end has announced that the rodent couple, dubbed “Bonnie and Clyde” for their daring escape last May, are now parents to three “energetic capybabies.”

The male and female rodents, which resemble oversized four-legged beavers, captured the imaginations of Torontonians last May when they broke out of the zoo, sparking a search that lasted weeks.

Amused Torontonians created the hashtag “CapybaraWatch” over social media, which turned the animals into celebrities of the furry kind.

In a cheeky “birth announcement,” High Park Zoo said the couple credits their “long time apart this summer wandering the wilderness of Toronto’s High Park for the kindling of their passion, and now have three adorable pups to show for it.”

The announcement went on to say that “amateur capybara-wrangler and Toronto Mayor, John Tory, was seen inspecting the fences at the Zoo to ensure the newest members of the family won’t follow in their parents’ pawprints.”

“They started playing,” she said. “They would really love summer so they could play in their swimming pool and roll in a mud puddle. Winter’s been hanging on so we’ve had them inside a lot where it’s cozy and warm.”

Foy said they are hoping to have the public choose names for Bonnie and Clyde’s brood at some point.

“Maybe we could come up with some fun outlaw names,” Foy said.

Staff are excited for the new additions, which they hope will bring even more attention to the High Park Zoo, she added.

“It’s always nice to have more people come, and I think their parents, Bonnie and Clyde, have done their part in welcoming people to the zoo.”