Twenty-one Oscar nominees will take home some big-ticket prizes on Sunday, even if they don't win an Academy Award statue.

This year's gift bag for celebrity Oscar nominees is reportedly the most expensive ever, topping out at about $165,000 USD in gadgets, cosmetics, travel vouchers, personal services and luxury items. The 'Everyone Wins at the Oscars' gift bag comes from Distinctive Assets, a marketing firm that's been handing out big-money gifts to celebrities for the last 13 years.

This year's Oscar gift bag comes with several racy items, including luxury condoms, a vibrator and an "O-shot" hormone injection meant to get a woman excited.

It also includes a number of over-the-top luxuries such as a $1,200 gold bike, a $1,500 set of Mediterranean sea salts, a $250 vaporizer for marijuana enthusiasts and a personal visit from Olessia Kantor, a self-proclaimed mystic whose astrology and mind-reading services are valued at $20,000.

Kantor's services are listed as the most expensive item in the bag, on par with a one-year, $20,000 Audi A4 car rental also included in the gift bag.

In addition to those take-home items, nominees will score a number of trips abroad, including a three-night stay at a Tuscan resort, a "luxury" camping trip and a train ride through the Canadian Rockies on the Rocky Mountaineer.

The 'Everyone Wins at the Oscars' bag will be handed out to every person nominated in acting or directing categories on Sunday.