Toyota Motor North America has announced that most models with a 2020-year designation will be equipped with both "Auto Shut Off" and "Automatic Park" features.

On Thursday, Toyota outlined that most of its upcoming vehicles in the 2020 model year lineup will be able to automatically park and automatically shut off, features designed to keep forgetful drivers and those around them safer.

"Auto Shut Off" enables a vehicle's engine to automatically turn off after a designated amount of inactivity. Right now, Toyota models simply alert drivers that the engine is still running and request that it be turned off; adding this feature to 2020 models will potentially reduce theft while also offering owners more personal security and convenience.

To accompany this feature, vehicles will also gain the ability to automatically park with "Automatic Park," an addition designed to minimize roll-away risk. It will only come to cars with an "electronic means of shifting and/or applying the parking brake;" if a driver leaves his or her vehicle without putting it in park, the car will automatically take care of it.

Both features will be available with most vehicles that have a 2020 model year designation.