TORONTO -- In a twist fit for Stephen King, 20-year-old Sidney Wolfe’s night ended in blood (albeit fake), a deer and a destroyed car.

The Marshall University student -- dressed in a bloody “Carrie” prom dress costume, in an allusion to the eponymous King novel -- totalled her car after a deer ran onto an Ohio interstate road early morning on Oct. 25.

“I am literally the Stephen King novel,” Wolfe laughed during a phone interview with

“You can’t imagine going 55 mph [88 km/h] and a buck jumping out of nowhere -- it was scary,” she said. “At first, it was just shock and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! What just happened?”

Wolfe had been dressed up because she'd just left a haunted house meant to promote three Halloween Kentucky theatre productions she was in.

She ironically wasn't playing Carrie in the R-rated, musical rendition. Wolfe was cast as secondary character Sue Snell but had volunteered to dress up as Carrie because the original actress was sick the night of the haunted house event.

After the event ended, Wolfe had been driving near South Point, Ohio when the buck jumped in front of her car and “totalled it.” The deer did not survive.

The crash had given her such an “adrenaline rush” she hadn’t even left the vehicle before another driver passed by and asked if she was OK.

"I remember him looking in and seeing me [in costume] and being afraid. He was already calling 911,” she laughed. “And he was just freaked out. And next thing I know -- I was surrounded by cop cars, ambulances and fire trucks.”


And while she only walked away with a slight bruise to her leg from hitting her steering wheel, she was worried first responders would think she was much worse off. When Wolfe eventually called 911 she warned the operator: “don’t be scared -- I have makeup on!”

Despite the irony of everything, she hadn’t thought to post about it on social media. But she did once a coworker said the tale was too hilarious to keep it to herself.

“If anyone wants to know how my weekend went I totaled my car while dressed up as Carrie and everyone who was a first responder thought I was dead HAHAHAHA IM SO SORRY,” she tweeted.

In another tweet, she explained, "at the end of the night, I was too tired to shower and remove my makeup, so when I wrecked the first responders saw my blood and freaked."

By Friday, her original tweet had garnered more than 398,000 likes and approximately 74,000 retweets. “It completely blew up,” Wolfe said.

In another tweet, she described how shortly after the accident, other officers had arrived on the scene, who didn’t know Wolfe had been covered in fake blood, and were puzzled seeing her making casually conversation with a passersby.

One first responder told her, “I hate to interrupt but don’t you guys think she needs medical assistance.” Wolfe couldn't help but laugh when the officer asked: “are we just going to ignore that she’s dripping in blood?”

She laments that her car has been destroyed, which stings more because she hadn't paid it off.


But Wolfe said overall she had been thankful to not only be alive after the crash but that her story ended up making others smile. "I love Halloween so much and the fact that so many people are getting joy and a laugh out of it -- makes me so happy," she said.

The viral story has even boosted ticket sales for the musical showings with the midnight Halloween show reportedly​ sold out.

“After our show [on Thursday], a lot of people wanted to take pictures with me because of the tweet. They thought it was hilarious,” Wolfe said.

Although she was originally going to celebrate Halloween as Daphne from “Scooby Doo,” she felt she had to go as Carrie.

“Not going to lie -- putting on the outfit again was kind of eerie. And I joked that it might be a curse,” she laughed.