I have made it a habit of planting flowers in my garden that are suitable for cutting for many years. I enjoy cutting them this time of year when they are reaching their peak as they provide a constant reminder inside the house what is going on outside the house- and the picture is a dynamic one!

Last year I sowed 40 packets of my favourite cut flower varieties in a 100 foot row in my veggie garden with surprising results. 

The hummingbird, songbird and butterfly activity picked up to remarkable levels and as a result I have the best tomato crop ever! 

The connection between a successful fruit or vegetable crop and ornamental flowers are pollinators. 

Even night flying moths can assist in the remarkable and complex process of fertilising flowers for fruit production. 

Many of the flowers that you plant in an effort to enhance the appearance of your garden and home are catalysts for a generally more productive garden.

Some of my favourite 'pollinator' attractors include sunflowers, cosmos, nigella, flowering tobacco and annual poppies.