If you are looking for a splash of colour in the shady corners of your garden this summer it is not too late to find some excellent specimens at your local retailer in the form of annual flowering plants that will fill the bill.

Coleus is best known for its' colourful foliage.  One look and you will understand why.  Some coleus varieties grow to more than 80 cm high - check out 'Kong' if you don't believe me!

Tuberous begonias are the roses of the shade garden.  They mature to about 50 cm. tall and feature the most magnificent white, red or pink flowers that equal the size of most show roses.  They prefer a peat based soil.  allow the surface of the soil to dry between watering or they will rot at the soil line.  

Fibrous begonias are equally reliable - maybe more so! - as their tuberous cousins.  Great as border plants or in containers.  

Also look for blue lobelia and German ivy to round out your shade loving selection.  More info at www.markcullen.com