If there is one family of perennial flowering plants that deserves a good look it is the ‘purple cone flower’ or Echinacea family.

I can’t think of one family of plants that has had more new, exciting, gorgeous varieties added to it than this one. 

Look for:

  • Firebird  -- A brilliant orange that will knock your gardening socks off.
  • Raspberry Truffle -- A double flowering cone flower that features a bright red flower that you will want to eat (go ahead, they are edible but not really…. Ie. they won’t hurt you…!)
  • Pow Wow -- A bright, clean white.  Of all the new ‘white’ Echinacea varieties that I have seen lately this one is the cleanest, brightest white (sounds like a laundry detergent commercial… think I could get a job copy writing?)
  • Leilaui -- A bright, sunshiny yellow.  This is one of the newest (to me) of the group and I really like the hotness of the colour. 

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