Fans of flooded the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Instagram feed with comments, as Kate Middleton penned an emotional, personal message online.

In what is being hailed as her first personally written Instagram post on Saturday, she shared an emotional message about visiting an orphanage in Pakistan with her husband, Prince William. The photos on the post were taken as part of the pair’s charity work there.

“The community at the SOS Village is built around family - and the best possible family you could imagine - where everyone comes together to nurture, love and protect the children in their care,” she said in the post on the Kensington Palace Instagram account.

The charity they visited was SOS Children’s Village, which provides a home to more than 150 boys and girls in boarding house. The pair ended up visiting the charity twice during their five-day trip of Pakistan.

“These vulnerable children, many who have come through traumatic circumstances, are nurtured in this caring environment and are able to form these quality relationships that they so desperately need to thrive,” the mother of three wrote, before signing off with a simple “Catherine.”

The Instagram post featured pictures of the couple interacting with children and playing cricket.

The couple arrived in Pakistan on Oct. 14 and stayed until Oct. 18, according to the official website of the British Royal Family. In an Instagram post on their first day there, the couple’s visit sought to showcase Pakistan as a “dynamic, aspirational and forward-looking nation.”

During the trip, the pair visited Islamabad, saw a glacier in a Hindu Kush mountain range, visited the SOS Children’s Village and played with dogs at the Army Canine Centre, where military trained the animals to sniff out explosive materials.

According to People, Kate and William were forced to stay in Lahore one day, after their plane wasn’t able to land in Islamabad because of a fierce electrical storm. But the extra day in Lahore allowed the couple to make a second stop at the charity, which reportedly had a deep effect on Kate.

Before the tour started, Kate reportedly said she’d been looking forward to visiting the SOS Children’s Village. After getting to visit a second time, Kate said, “I’m so glad we came back to get the full picture,” with her husband chiming in, “I could feel that there was more to talk about.”