TORONTO -- A British pregnant woman with COVID-19 has recorded an urgent message from her hospital bed, pleading for others to stay indoors.

In a video that has now garnered more than 100,000 views, 39-year-old Karen Mannering says she is unsure how she contracted the virus and is now fighting for her life and that of her unborn child.

At 26-weeks pregnant, Mannering says she has been diagnosed with pneumonia in both her lungs and has been in the hospital for four days. 

“I’m telling you now if you’re going to meet your friends for a stupid beer, or go on a walk because the weather’s nice, you’re going to take this home and you’re going to kill someone, one of your family members,” Mannering said in the video. 

In her most recent post, Mannering said on Thursday that she is making small strides as she is able to sit up in bed for the first time in two days.

In between heavy breaths, she said she has also been taken off oxygen support and is continuing to fight for herself and her son.

“I have to do this now … I’ve got to do this for me and the baby,” she said.

As of Friday, the U.K has confirmed more than 14,000 cases of coronavirus and more than 700 deaths.