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Measles are making headlines again and reigniting the debate over mandatory immunization, after an outbreak in Vancouver and more than a dozen cases elsewhere in the country. South of the border, there have been 839 cases so far in 2019.

Despite measles being officially eliminated in Canada back in 1998, yearly outbreaks still occur in parts of the country as cases are acquired abroad.

To track the scale of the outbreak, has mapped the spread of measles cases in North America in 2019.

So far in 2019, there have been 45 cases of measles in Canada confirmed by Canada's public health agency: 28 in Vancouver, two in the Northwest Territories, two in Alberta, one in New Brunswick, five in Quebec, and seven in Ontario.

Other cases have been reported in Montreal and Toronto, prompting public concern, but have not been confirmed by the federal agency.

South of the border, there have been 839 cases confirmed so far, with major outbreaks underway in Washington and New York City.

New York City has ordered mandatory vaccinations in an attempt to quell the largest measles crisis the city has experienced since 1991. It’s a move unprecedented in recent history.

These outbreaks have spread to Hawaii and Oregon. Travellers returning to America from abroad have introduced cases in several other states.

Last updated on Thursday, May 16, 2019. U.S. numbers from the CDC accurate to May 10, 2019.