Just days before the MasterChef Canada finale, the last two chefs in the competition dished about the pressure of cooking in the spotlight, and what they would do if they win it all.

David Jorge and Line Pelletier shed tears of relief during the penultimate episode, when they were both awarded the chef's jackets that signalled they would be competing for this year's MasterChef Canada trophy, and $100,000 prize that comes with it.

In an interview on CTV's News Channel, both said they put an enormous amount of pressure on themselves to get this far, and keeping up that confidence was a challenge.

"Hence all the sweating," Jorge said Friday.

After a season of cooking for chef-judges Alvin Leung, Michael Bonacini and Claudio Aprile, Jorge and Pelletier said they still feel the pressure of cooking under such scrutiny. But after approximately two minutes, they're in the zone.

Pelletier said, at that point, she doesn't notice the cameras or judges or even her main competition Jorge.

"It’s all about the food," she said.

Both contestants have big plans if they win the trophy and $100,000 prize. Jorge wants to open a restaurant, while Pelletier would open a Bistro with her two daughters.

To find out whose dream will come true, you can watch MasterChef Canada on CTV this Sunday at 8 pm ET or 9 pm CT.