All she wanted was money, but what she got was fame.

Kiki Paschall, a 10-year-old Girl Scout from California, has gone viral thanks to her creative method of selling Girl Scout cookies: a parody version of Cardi B’s hit song “Money”.

Paschall namechecks seven varieties of Girl Scout cookies in the 45-second video. In place of the “I got bands in the coupe; bustin’ out the roof” chorus of the original, she raps “I got girls in my troop; cookies to the roof.”

The video attracted significant attention, including from Cardi B herself. “I want all the cookieshhh,” she tweeted Monday.

“Nobody wants to give back a cookie. EVERYBODY wants a cookie that gives back. Yes, even @iamcardib,” the official Girl Scouts Twitter account responded.

It will be a few more weeks before any Canadian can attempt to duplicate Paschall’s success. Girl Guides of Canada will start taking deliveries of their chocolate and vanilla cream cookies in March, with the popular Cookie Days public sales blitz scheduled for April 6-7.