Britney Spears is "ready" for her conservatorship to end.

The 'X Factor' judge -- whose legal and personal affairs have been in the hands of her father Jamie Spears and attorney Andrew Wallet since her much-publicized breakdown in 2008 -- had a meeting with the judge in charge of the case last week and expressed her frustration that she has not yet regained control and can't understand why the legal restrictions are still in place.

According to reports on, "Britney told Judge Reva Goetz in her chambers with her court appointed attorney, Sam Ingham present, that she is ready for the conservatorship to end.

"Britney said she doesn't understand why it's still in place and expressed her belief that she has got to be the only person under a conservatorship that has managed to land a $15 million work contract [on 'The X Factor']."

Although Spears told the judge she is happy for the conservators to retain control of her career decisions, she doesn't understand why they are still in charge of her personal life. also said, "Britney wants the conservatorship to end, it's fine with her if it stays in place as far as her business and professional life, but she wants to call the shots when it comes to her personal life.

"Britney pointed out to the judge that she will be on live television weekly this fall once 'X Factor' premiers on Fox in September and the tremendous progress she has made since the conservatorship was put in place."

However, despite the 'Toxic' hitmaker's wishes, it is unlikely the conservatorship will end any time soon.

According to reports on, "Britney's team of doctors just don't feel that she is ready for the conservatorship to end. They have specific concerns related to her mental health and aren't ready to tell the judge that Britney is ready to go it alone just yet. Judge Goetz is the only person that can end the conservatorship."

Another meeting is scheduled between Spears -- who is engaged to Jason Trawick -- and the judge within the next 60 days.