Denise Richards may have lived through a messy divorce with Charlie Sheen. But the 41-year-old actress has let bygones be bygones with her ex-husband.

Richards and Sheen had no trouble working together recently when the actress taped a guest appearance on Sheen’s new comedy series, “Anger Management.

The series premiered on FX on June 28, 2012 and is based on the 2003 movie, “Anger Management.” Sheen stars in a role that is similar to the one created by Jack Nicholson in the original film.

“We have fun working together. I’m excited about his new show,” said Richards.

The actress’ ongoing good humour was also on display on the set of  Tyler Perry’s new comedy, “Madea’s Witness Protection.”

“When Tyler called me there was no hesitation at all. We had a lot of fun,” Richards said in an interview that aired Tuesday on CTV’s Canada AM.

“To work with him and watch him play three different characters was incredible. He’s a great ad-libber. It was hard to keep a straight face,” said Richards.

Perry’s creation, Madea, has appeared in several movies in the past, including 2005’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”, 2009’s “Madea Goes to Jail,” and 2011’s “Madea’s Big Happy Family.

In Perry’s latest film, the story revolves around spineless businessman George Needleman (Eugene Levy) and his under-appreciated wife, Kate (Richards).

After George takes the fall for his company’s Ponzi scheme, he and his family are placed into the witness protection program. Banished to the home of the D.A.’s Aunt Madea, the Needleman’s try to keep a low profile while their case is tried. Their attempts prove futile, however, and spawn countless comedic mishaps as Perry’s movie unfolds.

“I like that Kate tries to keep everything sane. She’s the rock in all this,” said Richards.

Richards shares fun with Sheen, no drama

Remarkably by Hollywood’s standards, Richards and Sheen have maintained a strong relationship despite the break-up of their four-year marriage in 2006.

Richards also maintains a good rapport with her latest ex, Bon Jovi rocker, Richie Sambora.

Earlier in June, Richards confirmed that she had split from Sambora on the American TV program, “The Talk.”

“We aren’t dating, but as a lot of people have seen, I stay very friendly with my exes…All of them,” said Richards.

Sambora and Richards dated from 2006 to 2007. The relationship began after Sambora split from Richard’s then-best friend Heather Locklear and Richard’s relationship with Charlie Sheen had ended.

Reportedly, Sambora and Richards rekindled their affair in February of 2012, when the couple was spotted dining together in West Hollywood. Their romantic reunion was short-lived, however. The couple split, reportedly, following a huge fight that took place before the CMT Music Awards in June

“We're friends, we went through a lot. Years ago we both lost our parents at the same time and were going through other stuff, so we'll always have a bond with each other and we will stay good friends forever,” Richards reiterated on “The Talk.”

The busy mother of three has also ventured into the role of entrepreneur in recent months, with the help of Beverly Hills celebrity hairstyle guru, Cristophe.

The pair will launch the hair-strengthening line, Denise Richards Volume Extend by Cristophe, in Canada in July.

Richards credits her daughters for embarking on this new business venture.

“It was important for me to come up with a product without harsh chemicals,” said Richards.

“I think I succeeded,” she said.