OTTAWA - Canadian CF-18s have flattened another ammunition depot in Libya.

And Canada's military has co-ordinated other coalition air raids over Libya involving up to 20 warplanes.

The military confirms that the fighter jets hit a reinforced bunker, 92 kilometres south of the battered city of Misrata, with 225-kilogram, laser-guided bombs.

It was the second ammunition dump taken out by the Canadian air contingent in a week.

Four Hornet jetfighters from 425 Squadron out of Bagotville, Quebec took part in the Sunday raid.

Lieutenant-Colonel Chris Lemay, an Ottawa spokesman for the overseas command, says there were no reports of casualties in the surrounding area.

Lemay could not provide details about targets hit by other coalition aircraft, only that the missions were planned and co-ordinated by the Canadian air group operating out of Trapani, Italy.

The increased planning responsibility reflects Ottawa's deeper involvement in the crisis following the appointment Friday of Canadian Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard as the NATO joint task force commander for the Libyan campaign.

There are seven CF-18s deployed as part of the international air effort to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya.